Where do you get your energy from?

Hi all!

Today I thought I would share a video blog I did on Energy.  Everything, including us are made of energy.  We give off energy, we can take on energy, we can also choose energy.

Think about what you do with your energy and where you get  it from.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Leave a comment below and let me know where you get your energy from.

Until next time…

MAHALO….and Keep Shining!


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Week 22A – Revelation in the Silence


This is exactly it….when we are silent, completely silent to the point to where our minds can relax and not feel that we are forgetting something or someone, that is when we are able to truly LISTEN.  But what are we listening for?  Ha ha….that is just it, we won’t know until we are completely silent and let whatever is to come in from the Universe be present to us.

The silence is challenging, no doubt…but when we are ready to give ourselves that gift the payouts will be beyond what we ever imagined.

We didn’t have complete silence in this time, but we did have some extremely reflective times.  During this, the Guy/Gal in the Glass had profound impact on us.  We are the ones that are letting ourselves down if cheat ourselves out of the experience, the journey that is ours.  But why are we willing to cheat ourselves, the answer is we aren’t willing to.  We deserve our true, authentic destiny, our dreams, our future self being our best friends.  We in our own right deserve it all, but are we willing to go out there are get it!  YES….well….I guess….that is the old self talking, the fear of believing we can have it all and more.  That was ever apparent this week as well.  Then…the moment.  Stumbled across this gem, this gift that gave me, us the breath to keep going and more.

We want to share this excerpt from Unbroken – Motivational Video:

Love how many references there are to everything we have been working on.  The scrolls are woven in and reveal themselves at very profound moments.  Needless to say, this as Hanaal and OG have created remarkable movements in my thoughts and actions.

Please enjoy this as much as we have.  This journey isn’t yet over but we will continue to work on LISTENing in our SILENT times…and will never stop working to achieve what it is that we desire.

Mahalo….and as always….KEEP SHINING!!


Dan and Jeanna

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Week 20 – Adding to the toolbox

What a week!!!  As we are trying to figure out how to use our new tools we look to how our team is doing.  I would say that without knowing anything that this blog conquers everything in those that are willing to do the work.

Here we have Angela Larson, last week she not only conquered her fear, but she upended it!  Doing things that she would have never though possible.  This week, she is still working on how one does Live with Fear….you see it isn’t about living with it, it is about how do you use it for good.  The tools we have is remembering the Law of Dual Thought.  We cannot think about two things at the same time and expect to Master them both.  If you feel fear, think LOVE!!!  Always start with LOVE!!!

We LOVE Angela and her journey.  We would LOVE to share with you all how she is doing on her journey.

Angela Larson – Living with Fear

Leave her a message and support her on her journey!

Mahalo…and as always…KEEP SHINING!!

Dan and Jeanna

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Week 19 – Jump back in time

Just as we look back at how far we have come since starting the Master Key Experience this year, we thought it would be great to see the difference from year to year.

This is a perfect recap of what has happened in the past year.Gratitude makes sense

The Power is in the Gratitude!!

In the gratitude we would also like to feature our friend Robert Gardner’s blog this week as well.  Robert is an inspiration in all he does.  His insights each week show his growth both personally and in his business.  We love what he is talking about in his blog this week, FEAR!  What is it, what are it’s affects and how to overcome.

Take some time to read Robert’s blog and share a comment, it is always appreciated!

Robert Gardner – Week 19 FEAR!

Mahalo for your time to share these posts and to give more in order to get more!

Keep Shining!!

Dan and Jeanna

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Week 18 – Happiness is spreading

One thing is for sure, when you are happy, it is hard for others around you not to be happy.  It becomes contagious!


Another way to spread happiness is to share how others are creating their happiness.  This week, Diana has shared how her happiness is multiplying and shining brighter each day.  Check out HOW she is doing this and what the results have been.

Diana Annin – Making Happiness Happen!

As always, remember that we are Nature’s Greatest Miracle and we are always:


Keep Shining!!


Dan and Jeanna

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Week 14 of Our Master Key Expeerience

Week 14 – Take me to the movies!!

What a wonderful week this was….cement is falling all over the place!  Great revelations are happening everyday.  As long as you are the ultimate observer and willing to step out of that comfort zone into the light, the possibilities are endless.

step into light

We had the great opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve with our niece.  There were so many laughs and moments of sheer bliss to bring up, BUT there are two moments that are worth mentioning.  We talk about how in our giving we receive far more than we give.  This was so true about our adventures.

Every year for their birthdays our nieces and nephews get the opportunity to spend a weekend with us.  This is something that my aunts did for my brothers and sister and I when we were young and we wanted to carry on the tradition.  So this year for one of our nieces she chose to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  So as the dutiful aunt and uncle we indulged her with surprises and souvenirs.  She was so appreciative and grateful.  How do I know, she actually told us.  The sheer joy of watching her laugh, cheer and be in the moment were well worth the gift.


The fact that she was willing to share her gratitude multiple times was heartwarming.  So the point of this short recap was more around a young, preteen willing to share her gratitude, unsolicited, is precisely how we should all be.

That night we also went to go see “Into the Woods”, Dan was obliging to our niece (and me as well).   If you know nothing about the premise of this musical made into a movie is that the first act or portion of the movie is the fairy tale characters were all granted their wishes.  Now, were those their true hearts desire or were they a fleeting wish of the moment?  Were these well thought out, planned wishes?  They may have seemed to have been, but there was no plan as to how they were going to achieve these dreams and wishes.

For instance, Cinderella was looking for a way out of her father’s house that was far, far away from her evil Stepmother and Stepsisters.

Evil steps

Her life was far from what she wanted it to be.  She dreamed of a beautiful life where she wasn’t amongst the cinders and treated in a sub-human manner.  All she wanted to do was go to the ball to meet the Prince.  Meet the Prince she did….after 3 nights of contemplation at the ball and running away from what her dream was, she finally took the leap of faith and married the Prince.

Marry Prince

In the second half of the movie (or the 2nd Act), we come to find out that when the tough times hit, the Prince isn’t everything she hoped he would be.  Her dreams begin to diminish.   But what happened????  Her dreams had come true and she was living in paradise, right? RIGHT? WRONG!!!

Her dreams may have been there all along, she may have known what she wanted, but there was one thing missing, A PLAN!!  She didn’t know how she was going to get where she wanted to be.  Where was her DMP?  Where was her POA?  She had none….ok, I know, this is a movie,Continue reading

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Week 13 of Our Master Key Experience

Week 13 – Grateful for OUR Christmas Journey

Here we are Christmas morning.  Dan and I are giving each other the gift of reflection and insight.  Truly we have everything we could ever need and if there is something that we want, we can just go out and get it.  The things that we can’t give each other but really should is the the time and silence to look to our future selves.


In doing so, we took a moment to review what our post from last year at this time was.  I read it to Dan as one of our readings today.  We laughed….it is insightful to see where we were a year ago and where we are today.  Take a moment to see what our thoughts were then:


So, in reading where we were then and looking at where we are now, it is amazing the parallels that we can see.  Continued gratefulness, the willingness to teach others and help guide them to their dreams and the individuality that Dan and I have on our journey’s.  Yes, I know we are individuals, but how often do you find married couples, partners or lifelong friends taking on the characteristics, mind sets or dreams of the other person?  Or as my husband is reminding me right now, singing the songs from our favorite Christmas memories….when we first met this would have NEVER happened, but now, it is a commonplace occurrence in our house – and for that I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!

Today we will take time with friends and family and offer them a glimpse into what our Future Selves has to offer ~ a light that shines bright for ALL to see!


Merry Christmas to all and may your light continue to shine as a beacon guiding you to infinite possibilities.

Keep Shining!!

Dan and Jeanna

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Week 12 of our Master Key Experience

Week 12 – Reflections on the Past

During these past 12 weeks we have worked and worked and worked to release what our past blueprint and what memories, thoughts and hurts that we have held on to for years.  For some, this has been holding on for dear life, for others it has been a releasing process.


When you work so hard to hold on to something, you forget to enjoy it!  How can we enjoy the life we were meant to live if we are not enjoying the journey along the way.  We need to release those old thoughts to move forward.


I can tell you that is a perfect depiction of Dan and I.  Dan can easily move from what the past held him in into where his/our future lies.  Me on the other hand, I take those steps forward and then I let that old blueprint sneak back in when something happens, when I am under stress or when what I want isn’t happening fast enough.  I have to remember to sit back, breathe and watch as those little things happen along the way that take me to where I am meant to be.

I had a set back this week in my DMP, but there Dan was to help me stay the course, work the plan and keep me on track.  He has committed to helping me achieve this goal.  I am 2/3’s of the way there, this last hurdle, she is a big one.  I have tried and I will try again.  “I persist, I succeed”!

One of the best ways to continue to move forward is to take the time to reflect on where we came from, what our upbringing was and to cherish those memories…..BUT…continue moving forward from there.  Our friend Leroy Hulsey has done a great job at going through this process.  We have the honor of watching as he grows through his journey…here is a snipit of his reflections from his past.


As always, and particularly during this Holiday Season….keep letting your true light shine.  Let-Your-Light-Shine-Before-Men-Matthew-5-verse-16

We continue to believe in each and everyone of you.  You are special and blessed.


Dan and Jeanna

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