Week 7 – Winds of change

Having the honor of being Certified Guides in the Master Key Experience is humbling.  You see, we have the gift of helping to guide our members through THEIR experiences.  In that we are able to share the results of the fruits of their labor.  Most of that labor is hard mental labor, which is much more difficult that any physical labor we have ever endured.

This week we would like to share our member Dala Evans journey this week.  You see, with Dala it was just that, the mental portion.

We encourage you to all read and comment on her blog.  She is doing the work and seeing the results.

Great job Dala…

Week 7 – Why is it SO HARD!

Keep Shining!!

Dan and Jeanna

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Week 6 – LOVE

WOW what a powerful week.  Talk about taking the blinders off.  It is difficult not to take that magnifying glass out and focus everything on just this.

Magnifying Glass

As Hanaal states in Week 5 “This power is from within; but we cannot receive it unless we give it.”  To look upon this and remember what the greatest commandment is: greatestcommandment

Everything is based on love.  How much are we giving forth?  Do we want more love, then we need to start giving LOVE!!

As we started the next scroll this past week, this was all based on love.

We have been given the “Greatest secret of success” in all ventures.  This “Secret to Success” is mentioned not once, not twice but SEVEN times in our reading of Scroll II this week. We are told that we should make this “Secret” our greatest “weapon”, our “shield”.  There will be no one who will be able to defend against it.  We are to look upon all things with the “secret” .  We are told how to speak of this secret.  We are told how to act with this secret.  We are told how to react to the actions of others with this secret.

This “SECRET to success” that we read about and that we speak about here is…LOVE.


Love you might say, what does love have to do with it (thank you Tina Turner for depicting this so well in song).  Love is the “greatest secret of success” in all ventures.

Well, I would reply, maybe nothing, nothing at all….OR…. maybe love really does hold the secret to our success.  The secret to success is to first love yourself.  By greeting each day with love in your heart, you will be very mindful of all things that enters your mind/body/spirit.  You will be able to cherish ones own mind/body/spirit by carefully examining everything that comes in contract with your mind/body/spirit.  Allowing only the very best and purest  to enter.

Compare how a contractor would build a bridge.  allowing only the best of materials and craftsmanship to be displayed on the construction of his bridge. So the same needs to be done when it comes to allowing anything to enter our mind/body/spirit.  Allow only the best and purest things to enter.

Oh sure, it is easy to love others, but is it really?  How many times this week has someone crossed your path and the thought of loving them first and foremost is normally the furthest thing from your mind?  Each time this week that we had someone that didn’t show love to us it could have been easy to fall back on that old blueprint.  We could have fallen prey to our old reactions, BUT and this is the magical part…..WE DIDN’T!!

You see the moment we wanted to talk down, feed into the negativity that was being thrown our way, we took that moment to close our eyes and say to ourselves…I LOVE YOU!  Not to us but to the person that wanted to pull us back into the vortex. How hard is it to not get sucked back into that but rater to move forward. 


Wait, is that a tornado?  Actually a famous tornado at that.  We have been spending a fair amount of time in the movies right now.  Starting out with our movie trailer, then our press release and this week…..THE MOVIE POSTER!!

This movie is a great example of how through our love the journey ahead of us gets brighter and clearer with each step and thought.  Let’s do a quick recap of “The Wizard of Oz”.

There is this farm girl, Dorothy, she gets caught up in a tornado and gets hit on the head taking her into a dream world, HER dream world.  She falls asleep and next thing she knows, she is stepping out into this bright, vibrantly COLORED world.  Why wasn’t everything all black and white a moment ago?

Dorothy stepping out

What a Technicolor world we live in!  isn’t that what love can be for us?  That color that we are so lacking?  The vibrancy of our thoughts and of our actions?  When Dorothy steps out into this world, she encounters all these strange things, munchkins, a good fairy and a wicked witch.  She has a dilemma?  How do I get home?  Well, there was only one way, follow the yellow brick road…..oz3

FOLLOW YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR DREAMS!  This is going to take you to places you have never imaged to be possible.  This people and things you will encounter along this journey will not only help you to love what you have, who you are and where you are going!  wizard of oz

Along this journey, our thoughts take us to new heights.

Emerald City

The most glorious things can happen when we focus our thoughts and continue to love through the process.  We bring those along for the ride helping them to believe in themselves as well.  We believe that love does conquer all.  The more love we give, the more receive in return.  Dorothy gave all the love she knew and it yielded great rewards for her friends…..BRAINS……HEART…..COURAGE.  Then that old blueprint came creeping back in, but what about me.  What she learned in the long run was that these were all things that she needed to overcome and she had them inside her all along.  When she realized this all she wanted to go was go home….There’s no place like home…There’s No Place Like Home….THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Wizard of Oz ending

The trials and tribulations we go through are all but a dream sometimes.  What we need to remember is that we are the ones that are in charge of those actions and outcomes through the power of our thoughts.  If we continue to center them around LOVE then our reality can go from black and white:


to color:


We are going to continue to bring all the color we can into our lives and live by the greatest commandment, no matter what!!

Continue to let your light shine!!

Shine On!!

Dan and Jeanna

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Week 5 – The more we give the more we get

Aloha everyone, and welcome back to our Master Key blog for week 5.  Our week was jam packed again with several areas of new discoveries and observations.  We would like to share one of our discoveries and observations with you.

This week of the Master Keys we were to hold our verbal opinions to ourselves.  We were to give no opinions about anything to anyone period.  The only exception to this exercise was that IF we were an expert in a field and someone asked us for our opinion, then we were free to render one.  Now most people once they would hear this would get a little curious and may ask the question…“why would you do this?”  The answer is simple.  We are training our brains.  By not giving our opinions this week, we move and keep ourselves into our creative mind and far away from our old blue print.  We recognize this as our associative memory. Hannel 3-12…our subconscious mind is intelligent and creative.  Our opinions will cause us to create certain Nero nets in our brains thus giving us certain reactions and memories…. thus thoughts.

Our thoughts that “what fires together….wires together”


RIGHT?  So, by not giving our opinions this week we have replaced some of our old habits with new ones. This may “feel” different for some people because we are becoming the eternal observer.  If we are not giving our opinions than we are left to observe our lives as they come at us.  Who is used to taking that in without ANY reaction but pure observance?  Not US!!!

Let’s review the “Law of Compensation” our

Law of Compensation

favorite part to remember is that “We cannot receive it, unless we give it”.  We ALL have to remember that the more that we give, the more that we get.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on this….if we are in a giving or SERVANT heart, what more than anything can we give, it does not matter what, if anything, what we can get back in return.  When life is going along in an easy rhythm, this is not a problem.  When we spend our time worrying about what others are going to think or say and we pass judgment or throw our opinions into an arena, then this is where we are not the observer.  We are in the…”My opinion matters most and I don’t care what anyone else has to say” mode.

That right there is like saying…WHO CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY?  WHAT I SAY IS TRUTH!!!

What in the world???

SHOOT….how does that relate back to Haanel 5-25 and how he relates back to us?  What he is saying is that, “the more that you give away, the more it gets stronger and returns back to you”.  So let’s think about this for a moment…

So if we continue to give and give and give can we do a total 180 degree flip and it can serve us?  YES!!!

Law of Compensation

“Let’s pause for a moment….this is one of those “Rocky & Bullwinkle” moments…if you remember nothing else about this week’s lesson than it is this…”the more we give, the more we get.”  Ok, we don’t want anyone to minimal this.  Let us state this again…



Let’s all continue to work to on whatever it is that we put out into the universe.  If we look at the baseline  moment of this concept, then we should ALL remember this.  If we want to achieve NM greatness THAN, we need to serve the NM greatness!!

As much as we would like to pour over each word the way that we act is the way that we will out last we.

Continue to observe, be that and constant observer without any expectations.   This will help to propel you into a world that you can only imagine!  Be that observer and look at your life as a reflect to your effort.  You are always a constant thought in our Minds Eye!

Until then, remember that we are in a constant cycle to better ourselves.  How are you doing this?  Are you throwing your opinions around like they are a frivolent, flippant thought?

OR are your thoughts making that difference that occurs only when you are in perfect harmony with yourself or with those around you?

We can’t wait to hear about how YOUR week will impact you and those around your EVERYDAY!!!

Keep on shinin’ and let your true light SHINE!!


Dan & Jeanna

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Week 3 – Eye, always look EYE!

Aloha and welcome back to week three of the Master Keys experience. This week I would like to discuss the many similarities between one of the scenes of the movie…The Karate Kid and what we have learned so far in the first three weeks of the Master Keys.

If you have not seen the movie “The Karate Kid” I highly suggest it.  Here is a short 3:42 second clip of this movie.

The scene opens up with Danielson being very upset at his karate instructor Mr. Miyagi. Danielson feels that all of his “karate training” is for not.  Danielson does not see how learning how to do basic house hold maintenance chores like…

  • Sand the Floor
  • Wax on Wax off
  • Paint the Fence
  • Paint the House side to side

Is helping him learn Karate until Mr. Miyagi says to Danielson…”show me…. sand the floor”

But first, in order for Danielson to perform these moves, he must get his shoulder “adjusted” by Mr. Miyagi.

Then after his shoulder is in the “right place”, Danielson receives a little more “fine tuning” on his techniques from his instructor. Danielson is still obviously confused on why he is being shown the proper moves to all of his instructor’s requests. IE …sand the floor….wax on…wax off.

It is not until the very end of their meeting that Danielson’s instructor shows Danielson how “doing these dumb chores” actually relates to basic Karate’ moves.  These basic Karate’ moves are what Danielson will no doubt master and use later on in the move.

Perhaps maybe, just maybe after week three of the Master Keys, one might feel a little like Danielson in the opening scene where Danielson says…. “I am wasting my time, I am not learning anything from you”.  Danielson felt like doing these dumb chores was not what was going to help him win championships down the road. (His DMP) One might say that reading one’s DMP 3 times a day along with “flashing “ through the index cards and reading the Blue Print Builder is also a waste of time. Not to forget my good friend Og Mandino. After all, what kind of championships can someone win down the road of their lives?  You see, just like Danielson, we sometimes cannot see or understand the basic learning progressions that we under go when we start out learning something or wanting a change…. to evolve in our lives. We might come from a “micro wave” I must have it now attitude and by having that mind set, we miss out on our journey to finding our dharma in life.  Just like Danielson got his shoulder “adjusted”, we may also need to “adjust our mind “and the way we think.  For me, if Danielson can learn how to…….

  • Wax on……Wax Off ….I can read my DMP 3x a day
  • Sand the Floor……I can read Og and Hannel. (I love these reading these two)
  • Paint the Fence……I can do my 15 to 30 minute sit and “think” about what I really want.
  • Paint the House side to side….I can complete my index cards.

Your championship is just around the corner…….are you ready?  Are you digging in and doing your best? Remember what Mr. Miyagi said to Danielson at the end of the clip?……..

Look EYE…. Always Look EYE…now……. come back tomorrow.

Mahalo  DTM

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Week 2 – Blast from the Past

Wow, where does the time go?  When you are busy helping others with their dreams, your dreams can take a back seat.  HOW does that happen?  It is our old habits trying to break through.

Au contraire mon frere, not in my house!  We form good habits and perform them because they are pleasurable.  One of the habits that we have is our weekly blog.

This week, we wanted to reflect back our first time through the course.  Dan and I have really grown each time we go through the Master Keys.  It is also great to look back to when we first started.  The best part is, seeing how similar we all are when we start the Master Keys.

We hope you enjoy this Blast from the Past as much as we did!

TeamSki Flashback


Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Mahalo & Keep Shining!!

Dan & Jeanna


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Week 1 – Do Over

Remember as a little kid, when something didn’t go your way you would yell out….”DO OVER!!”  That is what this week represents, the chance for us to start over.


This says a lot, we now have a chance to rebuild our lives to what WE want.  WOW…you mean we have control over how to get to our deepest desires?  You got it!



How is the answer…that is the easy part – Today I begin a new life!  Wait a minute, it isn’t that easy.  Well, really it is.  It is in the HOW that makes the difference.  The big question is….am I willing to do what it takes in order to build the life I desire?

We live in a “microwave” society.  We want everything handed to us NOW and not have to work for anything.  What happened to us?  It is time to take control of our world within.  For so long we let the world without control HOW we were going to live.  No longer my friend, there is a new sheriff in the Swiatkowski town.


The time is NOW to impregnate our minds with WHAT WE WANT!

BUT HOW?????

It is time to let our Subconscious do the work for us.  I thought that WE needed to do the work.  Well yes, that is true.  You are doing the work, our Subby is a part of us, but will find the ways for us to make the changes.

As we take the time to write down what our deepest desires are, have them reviewed/critiqued and then revise them to create the perfect blueprint we are taking that leap of faith in ourselves.  Our higher consciousness has our backs and will push us out of our complacency.  Let’s do the work and see what we can do.

It is time to shift our faith and look at things differently.  What we have done in the past hasn’t gotten us to where we want to be so it is time to shake it up!

We are willing to take the leap of faith, are you?

Would love to hear what you have learned this week.  Each and every observance whether we like it or not is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Until next week, always remember we believe in you.  Always let your light shine!

Mahalo & Keep Shining!

Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski



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Where do you get your energy from?

Hi all!

Today I thought I would share a video blog I did on Energy.  Everything, including us are made of energy.  We give off energy, we can take on energy, we can also choose energy.

Think about what you do with your energy and where you get  it from.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Leave a comment below and let me know where you get your energy from.

Until next time…

MAHALO….and Keep Shining!


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Week 22A – Revelation in the Silence


This is exactly it….when we are silent, completely silent to the point to where our minds can relax and not feel that we are forgetting something or someone, that is when we are able to truly LISTEN.  But what are we listening for?  Ha ha….that is just it, we won’t know until we are completely silent and let whatever is to come in from the Universe be present to us.

The silence is challenging, no doubt…but when we are ready to give ourselves that gift the payouts will be beyond what we ever imagined.

We didn’t have complete silence in this time, but we did have some extremely reflective times.  During this, the Guy/Gal in the Glass had profound impact on us.  We are the ones that are letting ourselves down if cheat ourselves out of the experience, the journey that is ours.  But why are we willing to cheat ourselves, the answer is we aren’t willing to.  We deserve our true, authentic destiny, our dreams, our future self being our best friends.  We in our own right deserve it all, but are we willing to go out there are get it!  YES….well….I guess….that is the old self talking, the fear of believing we can have it all and more.  That was ever apparent this week as well.  Then…the moment.  Stumbled across this gem, this gift that gave me, us the breath to keep going and more.

We want to share this excerpt from Unbroken – Motivational Video:

Love how many references there are to everything we have been working on.  The scrolls are woven in and reveal themselves at very profound moments.  Needless to say, this as Hanaal and OG have created remarkable movements in my thoughts and actions.

Please enjoy this as much as we have.  This journey isn’t yet over but we will continue to work on LISTENing in our SILENT times…and will never stop working to achieve what it is that we desire.

Mahalo….and as always….KEEP SHINING!!


Dan and Jeanna

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Week 20 – Adding to the toolbox

What a week!!!  As we are trying to figure out how to use our new tools we look to how our team is doing.  I would say that without knowing anything that this blog conquers everything in those that are willing to do the work.

Here we have Angela Larson, last week she not only conquered her fear, but she upended it!  Doing things that she would have never though possible.  This week, she is still working on how one does Live with Fear….you see it isn’t about living with it, it is about how do you use it for good.  The tools we have is remembering the Law of Dual Thought.  We cannot think about two things at the same time and expect to Master them both.  If you feel fear, think LOVE!!!  Always start with LOVE!!!

We LOVE Angela and her journey.  We would LOVE to share with you all how she is doing on her journey.

Angela Larson – Living with Fear

Leave her a message and support her on her journey!

Mahalo…and as always…KEEP SHINING!!

Dan and Jeanna

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