"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 4 – Quitting IS for everyone…..Really??

Aloha and welcome back to Jeanna and Dan’s week four blog of our Master Keys thoughts and experiences. This week in the Master Keys, we learned that this is the week that everyone will quit.  Everyone in this course will either quit on their dreams and leave this course, only to be invited back next year and be way ahead of the 2015 Master Key Master Mind Alliance 2015 course, OR  they will quit giving 70 – 80 – 90 % in this course and GO ALL IN !!  You see, modern physiology tells us that when we start something and we don’t follow through with it…OR…we make a commitment and decide not to keep it, we are automatically forming the habit of failure.  If you do not intend to do something, DO NOT START IT!


So, this week we are ALL IN right??

All in

We will continue to read our…

  • DMP
  • Blue Print Builder
  • Og The Greatest Salesmen
  • This week’s Hannel.
  • Our index cards.

Committing to being “ALL IN” means that you are “ALL IN” on finding your Dharma, your bliss.  You have started this process by “forming a good habit”. And when a habit is good, it gets repeated YES?

We have started this good habit by doing the following……

  • You thought about something thus we trigger 4,000,000,000 __________?
  • You ____________
  • You __read______  it
  • You __promised __ it

Synaptic Nerve

Because for things to change in our lives, WE must change.  OK you are saying, how do we make this change that we want?  We must first make a commitment (from above) to see this change to it’s completion. Then we can learn how to apply the Law of Dual Thought. We have something we call responsibility.  We have the ability to respond to anything in our lives.  We can attach any feeling we want to any given thought or situation in our lives.

Excuse me…my new blue print is coming through!!  By attaching any feeling we want to any thought that we have, we are telling our Hypothalamus to produce a different type of chain amino acid. These amino acids then get into our blood stream and are carried throughout our bodies.  They attach themselves to our cells and thus…..we do things that we have never done before.

We are learning to control our emotions and thus our world. If we can’t control our emotional state, then we are addicted to it. We can create situations that will satisfy our chemical needs. Writing and then reading things like our DMP, Blue Print Builder, index cards et al, we are interrupting our old Blue Print and thus creating our new reality with our new Blue Print. It’s the habit and not the size of the task that our subby recognizes.

So, in closing out week four of the Master Keys, it is safe to say that we are all quitters.


We will either quit on our dreams and never really reach our goals in life and not find our Dharma.

OR….we are going to quit giving 70 – 80 – 90 % and give 100% to FIND OUR DHARMA…..OUR BLISS

We are going to do our BEST and not the best we can do. Right?

So what kind of QUITTER are you?

Keep Shining & Mahalo,

Dan & Jeanna

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