"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 3 – It is all about your charts!!

I would like to start my blog by giving a great big “Mahalo” to Our Monday Night The Digital Divas.

The Fabulous Davene, Trish, Dayna, Heather Carolynn and Marea for all their patience and hard work showing us just how to set up our blogs. Mahalo for answering our questions even though our questions may seem very basic in nature, we have learned so much from the time we spend together that I could not have set up a blog without their help.  So again….MAHALO !!  Your ladies R O C K

We hold the charts which will guide us through perilous waters, to shores which only yesterday seemed to be our dream.  G.S page 52

WOW! That sentence really hit home for my wife Jeanna and I.

Aloha, and welcome back to Jeanna and Dan’s weekly MKMMA blog. We can be very excited to know that we truly hold the “Charts” which will guide us to the shores of our dreams.  You may be asking right about now “What are these Charts that you speak of and where can I find them?” Yes?

Before we talk about your charts, I would like to mention just one thing.  Here is a little Naval History for you.

A Captain of a ship would leave his port with his crew and his cargo, knowing exactly where he was sailing to, even though he could not see his destination for over 90% of his journey.  He would navigate the waters by using the stars at night and the horizon and the sun by day until he would reach his port of call, his destination. I was able to link these facts together and link them back to our journey to finding our shores of happiness.

You see, we have already started our journey of self-discovery through the MKMMA course.  We are learning how to read our own “charts” by engaging in the daily exercises. The writing of our DMP and weaving in our PPN’s.  By reading them daily along with our blue print builder and the Greatest Salesman, Hannel, the index cards and my favorite…the 30 minute sit.

You see, the charts that we speak of here is ……..  YOUR NEW BLUE PRINT.!!

By following your “Hearts True Desire” {Your DMP and PPN’s} you will be able to navigate through this world and instead of looking to the stars and the horizon for guidance, you now have your exercises and your Certified guides to guide you to your own personal Kauai, your own shores of dreams.

We have learned that by giving up {or how I like to say…REPLACING} our old habits with these new ones

We can chart a new course for our lives effortlessly.

Our journey {our ship} may take on some water from time to time. We may forget to do an exercise, or we may find ourselves with a little resistance to complete some of these exercises, but no worries.  You are still afloat and you are still sailing. Steady as she goes!!  Aye Aye shipmate !!

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