"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 3 – Eye, always look EYE!

Aloha and welcome back to week three of the Master Keys experience. This week I would like to discuss the many similarities between one of the scenes of the movie…The Karate Kid and what we have learned so far in the first three weeks of the Master Keys.

If you have not seen the movie “The Karate Kid” I highly suggest it.  Here is a short 3:42 second clip of this movie.

The scene opens up with Danielson being very upset at his karate instructor Mr. Miyagi. Danielson feels that all of his “karate training” is for not.  Danielson does not see how learning how to do basic house hold maintenance chores like…

  • Sand the Floor
  • Wax on Wax off
  • Paint the Fence
  • Paint the House side to side

Is helping him learn Karate until Mr. Miyagi says to Danielson…”show me…. sand the floor”

But first, in order for Danielson to perform these moves, he must get his shoulder “adjusted” by Mr. Miyagi.

Then after his shoulder is in the “right place”, Danielson receives a little more “fine tuning” on his techniques from his instructor. Danielson is still obviously confused on why he is being shown the proper moves to all of his instructor’s requests. IE …sand the floor….wax on…wax off.

It is not until the very end of their meeting that Danielson’s instructor shows Danielson how “doing these dumb chores” actually relates to basic Karate’ moves.  These basic Karate’ moves are what Danielson will no doubt master and use later on in the move.

Perhaps maybe, just maybe after week three of the Master Keys, one might feel a little like Danielson in the opening scene where Danielson says…. “I am wasting my time, I am not learning anything from you”.  Danielson felt like doing these dumb chores was not what was going to help him win championships down the road. (His DMP) One might say that reading one’s DMP 3 times a day along with “flashing “ through the index cards and reading the Blue Print Builder is also a waste of time. Not to forget my good friend Og Mandino. After all, what kind of championships can someone win down the road of their lives?  You see, just like Danielson, we sometimes cannot see or understand the basic learning progressions that we under go when we start out learning something or wanting a change…. to evolve in our lives. We might come from a “micro wave” I must have it now attitude and by having that mind set, we miss out on our journey to finding our dharma in life.  Just like Danielson got his shoulder “adjusted”, we may also need to “adjust our mind “and the way we think.  For me, if Danielson can learn how to…….

  • Wax on……Wax Off ….I can read my DMP 3x a day
  • Sand the Floor……I can read Og and Hannel. (I love these reading these two)
  • Paint the Fence……I can do my 15 to 30 minute sit and “think” about what I really want.
  • Paint the House side to side….I can complete my index cards.

Your championship is just around the corner…….are you ready?  Are you digging in and doing your best? Remember what Mr. Miyagi said to Danielson at the end of the clip?……..

Look EYE…. Always Look EYE…now……. come back tomorrow.

Mahalo  DTM

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