"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 22A – Self Directed or Self Distructive

Aloha and welcome friends, to yet another week 22A recap.  We are calling this week “Self Directed or Self Destructed” because this week those of us who are still taking Mark and Davene’s MKMMA course on Sunday or Monday.  We were kind of like sheep with their Shepard over yonder.

Before we talk about out self directed or self destructed.  Let’s talk about this.  This past week has been filled with all kinds of cool things happening for us personally and for our business.

Up to this point (well, actually we had one other week where we were self-directed) we have learned and applied our MKMMA Course Knowledge.  This week we either continue with our 3 Gratitudes, our random acts of kindness our “Silence Period” etc. or we at some level walked away from our new blueprint and walked right back to our old ways of thinking.  We still need to be our observed of our new life.

If we did walk away from all that we had worked so hard for these past 22 weeks.  We need to just get back in the game.  “Go all in ” again and learn just what caused us to walk away as W. Clement Stone would say…”And that’s good”.  We need to be our own OBSERVER.  It’s ok if we slip up…just get back in the game.  Keep punchin’, Keep goin’!!!



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