"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 22A – Revelation in the Silence


This is exactly it….when we are silent, completely silent to the point to where our minds can relax and not feel that we are forgetting something or someone, that is when we are able to truly LISTEN.  But what are we listening for?  Ha ha….that is just it, we won’t know until we are completely silent and let whatever is to come in from the Universe be present to us.

The silence is challenging, no doubt…but when we are ready to give ourselves that gift the payouts will be beyond what we ever imagined.

We didn’t have complete silence in this time, but we did have some extremely reflective times.  During this, the Guy/Gal in the Glass had profound impact on us.  We are the ones that are letting ourselves down if cheat ourselves out of the experience, the journey that is ours.  But why are we willing to cheat ourselves, the answer is we aren’t willing to.  We deserve our true, authentic destiny, our dreams, our future self being our best friends.  We in our own right deserve it all, but are we willing to go out there are get it!  YES….well….I guess….that is the old self talking, the fear of believing we can have it all and more.  That was ever apparent this week as well.  Then…the moment.  Stumbled across this gem, this gift that gave me, us the breath to keep going and more.

We want to share this excerpt from Unbroken – Motivational Video:

Love how many references there are to everything we have been working on.  The scrolls are woven in and reveal themselves at very profound moments.  Needless to say, this as Hanaal and OG have created remarkable movements in my thoughts and actions.

Please enjoy this as much as we have.  This journey isn’t yet over but we will continue to work on LISTENing in our SILENT times…and will never stop working to achieve what it is that we desire.

Mahalo….and as always….KEEP SHINING!!


Dan and Jeanna

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