"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 2 – to PPN or Not to PPN that is the Question!!

We started another exciting week with the introduction of a few new concepts.  The class was introduced to our PPN’s.  An average person not taking this class might ask…”What are PPN’s?”

Quick little catch up, PPN’s stand for Personal Pivotal Needs.  They are things that are pure oxygen for our souls. PPN’s are what we really want out of our lives, our future, our dharma.

So what exactly are these PPN’s you speak of?  Here is a list of the seven PPNs that each of us choose from. These are in no particular order of preference….

  • Autonomy
  • Helping Others
  • Legacy
  • Liberty
  • Recognition for Creative Expression
  • Spiritual Growth
  • True Health

Now, the meanings of these seven PPN’s may mean something different to each of us.  The point is to sit and reflect before deciding which ones hold near and dear to each of us.  You see, no matter which one you choose in living out your PPN’s you are accomplishing the others as well.

The point of the exercise is that we are to pick two of them and blend them into our DMP.

OK…pop quiz…

Who knows what a DMP is?

What is a DMP supposed to contain?

What are you supposed to do with your DMP?

So why do we need to know what our PPN’s are when it comes to our DMP?

Well silly, it is the framework of what our DMP should actually entail.  It was truly surprising to some people to learn what their true Personal Pivotal Needs were.  This little exercise helped to firm up and to bring to life our true dharma, our authentic DMPs.

Our PPN’s, once added to our DMP’s, increase our understanding of just who we are as a person and what we really wanted in our lives.  Reading our DMPs daily make this habit an enjoyable one to perform thus… we wanted to do it every day.

The next concept that we learned about was the famous “blue rectangle” and what are we supposed to do with all those index cards.

I was a little curious about this requirement of needing all of those index cards.  I mean, what do they have to do with my DMP?

Well, as we all keep hearing, we must trust the process.  What we learned the only way we are going to break out from being a slave to our bad habits is to replace them with GOOD HABITS!!!  How revolutionary! You mean, we don’t have to hold on to those bad habits forever???

NO, NO, NO!!!

The longer you hold onto those bad habits the further away your dharma is driven from you!  This is all about change, your willingness to change from what you have been doing all these years to break free of from what everyone has been telling you ever since you could hold a thought.  Who are they anyway????  Are they here making my dreams come true?  NO they aren’t!!  So why do we hold onto their every word, their every criticism?


We need to change those stupid habits and thoughts that we have had stuffed down our throats and clouded our minds for years, decades and for some, the unfortunate fate of centuries being told that we need to be more like everyone else, don’t think for yourself, do what everyone else is doing!


This is the cement that we are learning chip away at every day.  But how do we do this?  DMP, PPN’s…doing the readings and reading your cards.  OMG…that’s right….what are those cards for?

Those cards are going to be instrumental to changing your mindset and getting you to your true purpose.  This may seem “childish” or “idiotic” but, we need to take our minds back to the time of great exploration and learning.  When we were but a child.  We were uninhibited, we were fresh, we had little influence.

But you still haven’t answered where those cards come in?!?!?!?!?!?

Patience!!  We are building olive trees, not onions here!

This week we were asked to take (2) index cards and to follow a proven formula.  Write down your PPN’s, write down your chore for the week and write down “DO IT NOW” to be read 25x’s out loud always signing the bottom of each card with…”I always keep my promises…” and sign your name.

From here we are to read both of these cards at several intervals during the rest of our reads each day along with our DMP.  But …..I noticed that I felt really alive and excited every time I would read my DMP so…..why not read my index cards too.  On the back of this card, we were to write at the top…I promise to….and right under this we were to write down a simple task that we wanted to do this week.  We then drew a blue rectangle across from this statement.  W O W….I am feeling all tingly and excited for my future just like I felt as a little child on Christmas morning.

Across from these words, I had to draw a blue rectangle.  Now every time I would see a blue rectangle this week I would link this blue rectangle back to my index cards and my PPNs. BAM !  How cool was this.  I would see my blue computer screen…..BAM !!  I would remember to say DO IT NOW 25 times.  I would see a blue rectangle sofa in an ad and BAM !!  I would link or remember about my PPNs and my DMP.

Now next, week 3, I can see now how all of this is coming together and how I am being rewarded by creating a new blue print for my life just by changing how I think and look at things in my new life.  Thank you for stopping by and reading my week 2 MKMMA experience blog.

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