"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 19 – Jump back in time

Just as we look back at how far we have come since starting the Master Key Experience this year, we thought it would be great to see the difference from year to year.

This is a perfect recap of what has happened in the past year.Gratitude makes sense

The Power is in the Gratitude!!

In the gratitude we would also like to feature our friend Robert Gardner’s blog this week as well.  Robert is an inspiration in all he does.  His insights each week show his growth both personally and in his business.  We love what he is talking about in his blog this week, FEAR!  What is it, what are it’s affects and how to overcome.

Take some time to read Robert’s blog and share a comment, it is always appreciated!

Robert Gardner – Week 19 FEAR!

Mahalo for your time to share these posts and to give more in order to get more!

Keep Shining!!

Dan and Jeanna

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