"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 12 – Reflections on the Past

During these past 12 weeks we have worked and worked and worked to release what our past blueprint and what memories, thoughts and hurts that we have held on to for years.  For some, this has been holding on for dear life, for others it has been a releasing process.


When you work so hard to hold on to something, you forget to enjoy it!  How can we enjoy the life we were meant to live if we are not enjoying the journey along the way.  We need to release those old thoughts to move forward.


I can tell you that is a perfect depiction of Dan and I.  Dan can easily move from what the past held him in into where his/our future lies.  Me on the other hand, I take those steps forward and then I let that old blueprint sneak back in when something happens, when I am under stress or when what I want isn’t happening fast enough.  I have to remember to sit back, breathe and watch as those little things happen along the way that take me to where I am meant to be.

I had a set back this week in my DMP, but there Dan was to help me stay the course, work the plan and keep me on track.  He has committed to helping me achieve this goal.  I am 2/3’s of the way there, this last hurdle, she is a big one.  I have tried and I will try again.  “I persist, I succeed”!

One of the best ways to continue to move forward is to take the time to reflect on where we came from, what our upbringing was and to cherish those memories…..BUT…continue moving forward from there.  Our friend Leroy Hulsey has done a great job at going through this process.  We have the honor of watching as he grows through his journey…here is a snipit of his reflections from his past.


As always, and particularly during this Holiday Season….keep letting your true light shine.  Let-Your-Light-Shine-Before-Men-Matthew-5-verse-16

We continue to believe in each and everyone of you.  You are special and blessed.


Dan and Jeanna

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