"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 11 – Dreams becoming Realities!!

SOOOOOO many of us are beginning to realize that our dreams, really are beginning to become our realities.

At what point did YOU think that this was going to happen?   If I could base my initial reaction on what society thought, I would be “eternally” dreaming.  BUT, over the course of time, we have been able to change what we think about, and is what we are thinking about changing as well?

Who knows better about this than Burgess…..out dreams CAN become our realities.  It may not be at this moment….BUT, every moment you breathe brings you closer to what your true hearts desire.  Isn’t that we are all truly, deep down working for?

Let’s see how Burgess is working towards this REALITY!!!!


Where will your DREAMS take YOU!!!

Keep Shining!!!

Dan & Jeanna

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