"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Week 1 – Do Over

Week 1 –  Do Over

Remember as a little kid, when something didn’t go your way you would yell out….”DO OVER!!”  That is what this week represents, the chance for us to start over.


This says a lot, we now have a chance to rebuild our lives to what WE want.  WOW…you mean we have control over how to get to our deepest desires?  You got it!



How is the answer…that is the easy part – Today I begin a new life!  Wait a minute, it isn’t that easy.  Well, really it is.  It is in the HOW that makes the difference.  The big question is….am I willing to do what it takes in order to build the life I desire?

We live in a “microwave” society.  We want everything handed to us NOW and not have to work for anything.  What happened to us?  It is time to take control of our world within.  For so long we let the world without control HOW we were going to live.  No longer my friend, there is a new sheriff in the Swiatkowski town.


The time is NOW to impregnate our minds with WHAT WE WANT!

BUT HOW?????

It is time to let our Subconscious do the work for us.  I thought that WE needed to do the work.  Well yes, that is true.  You are doing the work, our Subby is a part of us, but will find the ways for us to make the changes.

As we take the time to write down what our deepest desires are, have them reviewed/critiqued and then revise them to create the perfect blueprint we are taking that leap of faith in ourselves.  Our higher consciousness has our backs and will push us out of our complacency.  Let’s do the work and see what we can do.

It is time to shift our faith and look at things differently.  What we have done in the past hasn’t gotten us to where we want to be so it is time to shake it up!

We are willing to take the leap of faith, are you?

Would love to hear what you have learned this week.  Each and every observance whether we like it or not is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Until next week, always remember we believe in you.  Always let your light shine!

Mahalo & Keep Shining!

Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski



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