"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Unbelieveable change

Aloha!!  My name is DTM. (Dan the Man). I am a Master Certified Guide for the Master Key Experience.  I would like to take just a few minutes here and share just a few highlights of what the last six months has been and meant to me.

My very first time that I had gone through this course of self-discovery, I really was not sure what to expect.  I just trusted my guide and I stayed true to the three critical behaviors.  I had some questions on just why we were doing things in a certain order as well as writing and re-writing my DMP.  But here again, I just trusted my guide and the process that was being unfolded before me.  My DMP was the first thing to start to chip away at my cement that had grown thicker each day and showed me exactly what I wanted from my life and not what other people or organizations said that I should or should not be or have.  Woven into my DMP is something called my PPNs.  These are called my Personal Pivotal Needs.  My PPNs are things that are “Pure Oxygen” for my soul.  These things that I want, need and have too have in my life.

I have learned that my DMP is the blue print for my life.  Which is why my DMP must be worded in the present tense and have things like “how do certain things make me feel once I have accomplished them and what I will replace in my life in order to achieve exactly what I want”.  This was just the start to having fun and re-training my subby.  As the 26 weeks unfolded, my self-confidence went up, thus everything in my life got better. Our business was also growing and my wife and I were experiencing success in almost every area of our lives.  For example, by simply completing the three critical behaviors, I was able to quiet all of the noise that I was experiencing in my life.  By finding the quiet spot in my heart and head, I was able to find the answers to a lot of my life / work / and business situations and thus becoming self-directed and not to rely on the red pencil syndrome of life. You will learn more about this red pencil syndrome early in this course.  There is a whole lot more that I could share with you today, but the true purpose of the Master Key is to have you “Experience” the course and thus become a self-directed person just like my lovely bride Jeanna and I have become. You will learn how to live your life by your compass just like we do.  So without saying anything more and possibly taking your experience and self-discovery away from you, I will stop here.  We have a saying here in the Master Keys….The best influence is NO influence.  I would like to say though that everyone should start and finish this life changing course. You will be a much better person for taking this course and everyone around you will notice a big change in you and they will be better off because of your 26 week commitment to your very own self-discover.  Mahalo and looking forward to seeing you this September 2015.  Who knows, my lovely bride GG and I just may be your Master Guides and help you with your own self-discovery. How cool would that be?

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