"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

One tiny action = Big Results

One tiny action = Big Results

We all remember the saying….How do you eat and elephant?  One bite at a time.  Sounds easy, RIGHT?  Well, when it boils down to it, it really is.  But HOW?????

Don’t eat it, let it’s true colors shine!

Let’s jump back to when we were little children….ahhhh, times were easy, not a care in the world, well at least we didn’t really care, we were just out to have fun.  Seriously now, let’s think back to when we were learning how to walk.  We didn’t just get up and start strolling across the room to our Mom or Dad or whomever/whatever it was that we were trying to get to.  It was a process.  Each day we made a little more progress, from learning to stand up against something, then letting go of that object, creating a little more confidence, then moving our feet while holding on again, to the ultimate goal…WALKING!

One step at a time!

Now, I have made that much more simplistic than it really is.  We were determined to gain our independence and get to that which we desired without the help of others.  We were ready to show that room who was boss!  The determination we had didn’t waiver no matter what was coming at us.  We took on the challenge and conquered it, one step or one tiny action at a time.

Really, that is what our life’s goals, our desired purpose and dreams are all about, taking daily actions, no matter what the size is in order to accomplish it.  Not letting what others say or do or throw in our way move us away from our definite major purpose.

Great GG, but what does that have to do with me?  GREAT QUESTION!!

What DOES it have to do with you?  Let’s start out with what IS your goal, what is your dream, what is your purpose?  Do know?  I know, it is a bit scary to think about, I had troubles myself for many, many years.  Then I found a way that I have been able to clearly state my goals, dreams, purpose and come up with a plan as well as the belief.

If you would like to learn a little more about it click here: Master Key Experience

In the mean time, let’s get crackin’ on those dreams.  What are you going to do each day to move you closer to your dream?  DO you know what you need to do?  Do you have a plan?  GREAT, let’s break it down into bite size actions and get started!

Wait GG, I don’t know any of that, I don’t know what I want in life, I don’t know how to figure it out, I don’t know the steps to even identifying what IT is!

No worries my friends, we can get you there.  My best advice until next time…get yourself in a good frame of mind.  Take the time each night to sit quietly and just BE.  In order to filter through the new ideas, you need to filter everything else out.  A great way to get into that calm, relaxed, free-flowing state of mind is to start with an “attitude of gratitude”.  Take the time to write down 3-5 things you are grateful for each day.  Here kind of like this:

Today I am grateful for a cool summer breeze.

Today I am grateful for a loving spouse.

Today I am grateful for catching up with a friend.

Today I am grateful for waking up refreshed.

Toady I am grateful for my husband heating up dinner for us.

See, easy peasy…I would love to hear what you are grateful for.  Comment below with your gratitude of the day and let’s spread a joyful heart and positive vibration towards our dreams.

Stop back soon and we will go over how to turn those dreams into action.

I am always grateful for YOU!

Mahalo & Keep Shining,


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