"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

DTM’s Week 2 of the Master Keys

Aloha and welcome to my week two blog post of the Master Keys.  This week as been filled with all the excitement and changes that one had hoped for.  I would like to share a blog post from another dear friend and business partner of mine, George Pauli.  George is a successful business owner for many years now in the Phoenix Arizona area.  My wife Jeanna and I had the pleasure of meeting George and His wife Marie when we were in Hawaii.  George has been a good friend and a mentor to many people both in his network marketing business and out. I guess you could say that we keep each other accountable to the skills learned and the daily exercises that we do within the Master Keys Experience.  So please go and read my good friend and mentor George Pauli’s week 2 blog and remember to leave us a comment.  Mahalo.

George Pauli – Week 2 Gatekeeper: We are what we think

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