"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

DTM’s Week 10 of his Master Key Experience

Week 10 – Magic of the Mind or Pixie Dust

So growing up in the theatre I know that we can create whatever we want if we just think about it.  We can create whatever scene we so desire and let it play out.  It all starts in our mind but from there we perform our screenplay for all to see.

This is so much like our lives….we start with a concept (our Definite Major Purpose) and write out what that script is going to look like.  Then we sit, everyday and clearly see how this is all going to play out before us.  Our mind is the magician that weaves our thoughts into that reality.


Peter Pan was performed live this week, the way our lives are, real time for all to see as it unfolds.  There are times that we wish we may have some Pixie Dust to get us to fly, but what we really need is the simple control of our MIND.  One of the ways we can practice controlling our thoughts is through the use of the 7 laws of the mind.  Do you remember what they are??

  1. The Law of Relaxation
  2. The Law of Dual Thought
  3. The Law of Growth
  4. The Law of Substitution
  5. The Law of Subconscious
  6. The Law of Practice
  7. The Law of Forgiveness

Now,,,do you remember what they all stand for? ???

I will tell you more next week when I post my week 11

If you leave us a nice comment, I will send you the definitions of all seven laws of the mind and how to use them.



Pixie Dust

Keep Shining!!

Dan & Jeanna

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