"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Month: November 2016

Week 7 – Winds of change

Week 7 – Winds of change

Having the honor of being Certified Guides in the Master Key Experience is humbling.  You see, we have the gift of helping to guide our members through THEIR experiences.  In that we are able to share the results of the fruits of their labor.  Most […]

Week 6 – LOVE

Week 6 – LOVE

WOW what a powerful week.  Talk about taking the blinders off.  It is difficult not to take that magnifying glass out and focus everything on just this. As Hanaal states in Week 5 “This power is from within; but we cannot receive it unless we […]

Week 5 – The more we give the more we get

Week 5 – The more we give the more we get

Aloha everyone, and welcome back to our Master Key blog for week 5.  Our week was jam packed again with several areas of new discoveries and observations.  We would like to share one of our discoveries and observations with you.

This week of the Master Keys we were to hold our verbal opinions to ourselves.  We were to give no opinions about anything to anyone period.  The only exception to this exercise was that IF we were an expert in a field and someone asked us for our opinion, then we were free to render one.  Now most people once they would hear this would get a little curious and may ask the question…“why would you do this?”  The answer is simple.  We are training our brains.  By not giving our opinions this week, we move and keep ourselves into our creative mind and far away from our old blue print.  We recognize this as our associative memory. Hannel 3-12…our subconscious mind is intelligent and creative.  Our opinions will cause us to create certain Nero nets in our brains thus giving us certain reactions and memories…. thus thoughts.

Our thoughts that “what fires together….wires together”


RIGHT?  So, by not giving our opinions this week we have replaced some of our old habits with new ones. This may “feel” different for some people because we are becoming the eternal observer.  If we are not giving our opinions than we are left to observe our lives as they come at us.  Who is used to taking that in without ANY reaction but pure observance?  Not US!!!

Let’s review the “Law of Compensation” our

Law of Compensation

favorite part to remember is that “We cannot receive it, unless we give it”.  We ALL have to remember that the more that we give, the more that we get.  Let’s take a moment to reflect on this….if we are in a giving or SERVANT heart, what more than anything can we give, it does not matter what, if anything, what we can get back in return.  When life is going along in an easy rhythm, this is not a problem.  When we spend our time worrying about what others are going to think or say and we pass judgment or throw our opinions into an arena, then this is where we are not the observer.  We are in the…”My opinion matters most and I don’t care what anyone else has to say” mode.

That right there is like saying…WHO CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY?  WHAT I SAY IS TRUTH!!!

What in the world???

SHOOT….how does that relate back to Haanel 5-25 and how he relates back to us?  What he is saying is that, “the more that you give away, the more it gets stronger and returns back to you”.  So let’s think about this for a moment…

So if we continue to give and give and give can we do a total 180 degree flip and it can serve us?  YES!!!

Law of Compensation

“Let’s pause for a moment….this is one of those “Rocky & Bullwinkle” moments…if you remember nothing else about this week’s lesson than it is this…”the more we give, the more we get.”  Ok, we don’t want anyone to minimal this.  Let us state this again…



Let’s all continue to work to on whatever it is that we put out into the universe.  If we look at the baseline  moment of this concept, then we should ALL remember this.  If we want to achieve NM greatness THAN, we need to serve the NM greatness!!

As much as we would like to pour over each word the way that we act is the way that we will out last we.

Continue to observe, be that and constant observer without any expectations.   This will help to propel you into a world that you can only imagine!  Be that observer and look at your life as a reflect to your effort.  You are always a constant thought in our Minds Eye!

Until then, remember that we are in a constant cycle to better ourselves.  How are you doing this?  Are you throwing your opinions around like they are a frivolent, flippant thought?

OR are your thoughts making that difference that occurs only when you are in perfect harmony with yourself or with those around you?

We can’t wait to hear about how YOUR week will impact you and those around your EVERYDAY!!!

Keep on shinin’ and let your true light SHINE!!


Dan & Jeanna