"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Month: October 2016

Week 4 – The Power of THOUGHT!

Week 4 – The Power of THOUGHT!

This week we would like to feature another members post from this week in the Master Keys.  Maria has great insights into what changes are happening with her. Check out her blog and leave her a comment to show her the love! Mind blowing! Mahalo […]

Week 3 – Eye, always look EYE!

Week 3 – Eye, always look EYE!

Aloha and welcome back to week three of the Master Keys experience. This week I would like to discuss the many similarities between one of the scenes of the movie…The Karate Kid and what we have learned so far in the first three weeks of […]

Week 2 – Blast from the Past

Week 2 – Blast from the Past

Wow, where does the time go?  When you are busy helping others with their dreams, your dreams can take a back seat.  HOW does that happen?  It is our old habits trying to break through.

Au contraire mon frere, not in my house!  We form good habits and perform them because they are pleasurable.  One of the habits that we have is our weekly blog.

This week, we wanted to reflect back our first time through the course.  Dan and I have really grown each time we go through the Master Keys.  It is also great to look back to when we first started.  The best part is, seeing how similar we all are when we start the Master Keys.

We hope you enjoy this Blast from the Past as much as we did!

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Mahalo & Keep Shining!!

Dan & Jeanna


Week 1 –  Do Over

Week 1 – Do Over

Remember as a little kid, when something didn’t go your way you would yell out….”DO OVER!!”  That is what this week represents, the chance for us to start over. This says a lot, we now have a chance to rebuild our lives to what WE […]