"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Month: February 2015

Week 20 – So good, let’s try this again….

Week 20 – So good, let’s try this again….

We are on our way to visit a business partner and are road tripping to Minnesota. Since we have lots of time to mastermind, one of the topics has been this weeks blog.  I asked Dan what his ideas are for the blog this week. […]

Week 19 – The power is in the Gratitude!!

Week 19 – The power is in the Gratitude!!

A dose of reality…when Mark talked about being asked not to participate in speaking engagements and the feelings and thoughts that he went through really hit home.  You see, I have been working through quite the hardship and challenge at work for the past 2 months. […]

Week 18b – What are we THINKING????????

Week 18b – What are we THINKING????????

We had a wonderful call this afternoon with a member of our team.  They are at a world-wide convention and have caught the momentum as we all do at our respective conventions.  This person is also a member of the MasterKeys and is wanting to achieve goals before the next seminar we have.  Their question was….”What do I think about?”

So we all know that this week is about thought.  So we took a moment to break down those thoughts.  Which is really what it is all about.  Knowing that you want to be at a certain level, achieve certain “things”, be a different person, etc.  This all comes down to our thoughts.  We sat and talked through what they should be thinking about.  In guiding a person through their journey and not influencing what that outcome is, it is important to help that team member to back out of the specifics and put the general ideas out into the Universe.  The questions were around, well what specifically do I need to think about?

We took a moment to ask, what will these achievements afford you?  What will be the outcome of achieving this next level?  How do you see yourself when you have achieved this next level in your business?  It was more around, letting the universe bring you to this level, not HOW it was going to happen.

All to often we are caught up in the HOW rather than letting the Universe far exceed our expectations.  If we think in specifics that is what we will be limited to.  If we think in feelings and possibilities, then the Universe will bring forth everything that our heart desires and more since we haven’t LIMITED our thoughts.

This is extremely difficult to do, but that is what we have been working toward with our weekly exercises, thinking like a child and not LIMITING the possibilities.  When we are in crunch-mode it is very difficult to open your mind and put out into the Universe what we truly want.  As we all know, we are that microwave society and we want it when…..NOW!!!

Keeping forging forth in your thoughts, your sit, the exercises especially know when we are nearing the end.  We are teaching our future selves as well as our current selves that we matter AND we are FINISHERS!!!!  We GOT this….WE are in this to WIN this!!!

We are…..



Keep that light shining and watch as those endless possibilities come rushing into your light!!


Dan & Jeanna