"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Month: January 2014

Week 17 – Your Permission

Week 17 – Your Permission

Who remembers the days when you would rush home from school…”Mom, mom…we are going on the coolest field trip EVER….I HAVE to go!!!!  Please, please, PLEASE can you sign my permission slip?????”  We remember the excitement of that moment when Mom signed that permission slip…. […]

Week 16 – Imagine

Week 16 – Imagine

So this week has been one of those weeks where you spend the whole week running around keeping the plates spinning.  Then you also have the unique opportunity to take a step back and BREATHE. How often do we truly take the time to stop […]

Week 15 – Today’s Virtues

Week 15 – Today’s Virtues

Ok, let’s start out by stating the obvious….the Polar Vortex has over-taken us!!  We live in WI….for some that means……ooooo, cheese, oooooo  COLD!  We would agree this year, cheese is great!  BUT, the cold has really over-taken us this week.  Today had been the greatest shift in temps…we have gone from -12 to 23 degrees!  On my way home from work I told my husband that at 23 degrees is was “balmy”.  Someone please remind us of this in the summer when we are battling 100 degree weather with 100 -[ percent humidity!

So, today we are reflecting on our reflections this week:

These are based on what Dan’s Virtues are (based Ben Franklin s’) virtues are.  This week Dan needs to work on noticing things that are “Well-Organized”.  So what is Jeanna’s top virtue to work on? “Self-Control”.  

In my interview with Dan….he relayed that truly everywhere he looked there was organization.  Working for the school system, there is no way that no matter where you turn you can’t see that “Organization”.  We are going to take this from the opposite points of view.  Dan is going to review Jeanna and Jeanna is going to review Dan.

After going through the 11 virtue’s that Benjamin Franklin went through Dan had identified Well-Organization as his #1 virtue to recognize this week.

So….after our webinar on Sunday we in WI have had a rough time with the weather.  Schools throughout the state of WI have been cancelled for Monday and Tuesday of the week.

DTM (Dan the Man) works for the public school system and well, since school has been closed early this week, it has been a great reflection on how we can see organization in our everyday lives.  Each moment has organization to it.  Sol, here we are at home for a long, unexpected weekend.  How does organization seep into the moments of our day.

Get up….let’s start the day! (the next move is organized since 9.75 times out of 10 it is the same movement).
We stoke the fire (this organizes how the supplemental heating system of the house is organized).
We now have time to delve into the lesson for this week, more than likely a little deeper than the weeks past (this a positional organization).
Laundry needs to be done….(organization)
Laundry needs to be put away….(organization)
Dinner time….let’s organize in what order we prepare the food for the meal.

As you can see that no matter what happens in your day, whatever you are focusing on will become WILDLY apparent to you.

Let’s see what happens in Jeanna’s time the past couple of days.  Jeanna’s focus this week is on “Self-Control”.  Well, the first example of this came after her beloved Packers happened to lose. Listening to the interviews afterwards, the sentiments were all about what a great year it was, how they fought a good fight and that next year barring injuries they would have that “chance”.  Aaron Rodgers took blame upon himself, as did the coach, but they never, NEVER pointed the finger to someone else.

In the emotions of a loss takes quite the bit of self-control.  Then, in the days that follow, days that are spend indoors for hours on end, the control not to let emotions  take over is a great example of self-control.

So….now…..we need to look at where does our future move from here  Well, let’s set the record straight.  As much as most may believe, the sun does NOT rise and set on a sports team and realizing this is both a matter of organization and self-control.  It is extremely enlightening that a most perplexing experience could have both virtues covered.

The recognition of these virtues most certainly bring to light that even in situations that we might not assimilate with a year ending sports event, BUT, it does bring to light what we might  have not already associate with those virtues.  You see, as Mark indicates, these virtues will become most evident now that we are hyper-aware of our virtues that we feel we need the most work on.  Whether it is organization or self-control, these will be brought to light in our most passionate moments.

GREAT!!  What does this mean to me?  BE AWARE!  LISTEN!  Don’t be so self-involved that when the option to become a contributing factor to a customer or Partner just sit back and take in what is going on around us.  Let us be ever observant of those virtues that we have identified as a weakness on our parts no matter what they may be.

Before we go, we just want to make sure that no matter what each of us is looking to focus on this week as well as the weeks and years yet to come, each of us takes the time needed to truly invest in us.  No matter what journey we are on, let us remain in the NOW and not in the past or the future, for the NOW is what we can control.

So right now the Ski’s will be well-organized and have immense self-control! (Let’s watch to see how in the coming weeks this affects them!)

Always remember to…..SHINE ON!!!




Week 14      Bill Porter…..Not Just A “DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN”

Week 14 Bill Porter…..Not Just A “DOOR TO DOOR SALESMAN”

WOW !!!….What a movie.  This needs to be on your “bucket list”.  I would like to share  my experience and thoughts about the movie “DOOR TO DOOR” with all of you today. I picked this movie at random… just because I liked the name.  I […]