"To give up yourself without regret is the greatest charity." ~Bodhidharma

Month: November 2013

Week 9 – A time to be thankful for Health, Wealth and Love

Week 9 – A time to be thankful for Health, Wealth and Love

What is our true Happiness?  For us, it is that we are healthy and are able to enjoy prosperity in order to retire early.  Where have we heard this before?  According to Hannal, “The three things which all mankind desires and which are necessary for […]

Week 8 – Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Week 8 – Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Time is of the essence.  How often have you heard this?  Everyday I we are rushing, rushing, rushing trying to beat the clock.  Every where we go is based on time.  AND, what is the one thing, besides money, that we always complain that we […]

Week 7 – Go Ahead, Help Yourself!

Week 7 – Go Ahead, Help Yourself!

With the holiday season right around the corner, there will be lots of time with famous friends and all that holiday fowl   Yum, Yum.

A diet is something that nobody thinks about until after the presents have been opened the in-laws have given house an you realized, that maybe you were “not so mice” when id domes  to all of that holiday stuff.  The dot is something.

A diet with something that nobody by light.

Well, here in week 7 we have learned about, yet another type of diet. One that can love and keep because on this diet, you really don’t count of any calories!!! You don’t have to worry about keeping a journal that goes into your month or even on the scale.  No sir, week 7 gave us a where a new that we can take with us right through the holidays without is so maintain a normal schedule.

So, What kind of diet is this?

“The Seven Day Mental Diet”

This may be the one diet that changes everything for you.  Emmett Fox has no special “diet pill” or”diet special”. Emmett says that the diet the food that we feed our minds.  This food (out thoughts) will determine the character of our lives.

It is our thoughts which we allow ourselves to ponder, our thoughts that we can control what it is today or tomorrow.  Emmett Fox states: “as thy days, so, shall thy strengths be.”

Everything in our life, your health, your wealth, our happiness is all connected back to what we allow ourselves to think about. Another way to look at this is…we can choose our conditions to life by which we choose the thoughts which we a low ourselves to ponder over.  If we choose to change, our conditions in our lives by transforming our thought pattern. GO ADEAD…HELP YOURSELF.

So, this 7 day diet starts like this, it is very simple and very easy to do.  Here is your prescription…”for 7 days you must not allow yourself to ponder for any time, any kind of “negative thoughts”! NONE!!!

Emmett Fox states that we must watch our thoughts list as a cat would watch a mouse.  We must keep our mind on thoughts of positive, optimistic, consistent thought.

This may be challenging for some at first, but, if we are faithful to this task, we will see a fantastic reward for us at the end of these 7 days.

If we allow a negative thought of any kind to enter our mind speech or our actions, then Emmett Fox says that we are to start our diet all over again.

We can learn to recognize the conditions in our life that will cause us to “slip” and have a negative thought.  We can avoid those situations and/or learn how to resist that negative thought by helping ourselves by replacing a negative thought with one of our positive constructive in nature.

So, this week, go ahead and “Help yourself” to a happier, healthier, more prosperous you!  Leave all those negative thoughts behind.

SHINE ON !!!!!!!


Dan& Jeanna Swiatkowski

Week 6 – All you need is LOVE!

Week 6 – All you need is LOVE!

WOW what a powerful week.  Talk about taking the blinders off.  It is difficult not to take that magnifying glass out and focus everything on just this. As Hanaal states in Week 5 “This power is from within; but we cannot receive it unless we […]

Week 5…..Obey the Law !!

Week 5…..Obey the Law !!

As we say goodbye to week four, we continue our journey of self discovery in week 5.  We still are completing our daily readings with regards to our “blue print”, our “DMP”, our index cards and our reading of our scroll. I would like to […]